Painted Boxes

Summer Lake, oil on wood, 5″ x 8″ box

When I was looking for something different to work on, I found these small wooden boxes online. I ordered 8 boxes to experiment with. It was a challenge to paint on the lids and it took me a couple of tries to figure out the best way. I ended up taking the lids off and taping the edges.  This way I could hang them on the wall as I usually do with stretched canvas. I found that I don’t get the same effect painting flat as I do upright.  It’s not as easy to see.

A selection of boxes are available in my shop .  Have a question about a box or want to see more views?  Send me an email.


Summer Lake Sunset

Last summer I spent a weekend in Maine with friends and family. While relaxing by the lake I took a ton of photographs hoping to use some for inspiration back in my studio in San Francisco. The summer lake boxes are my memories of that special time.

River Journey, oil on wood, 4 x 6 box

River Journey was inspired by many of my previous river paintings. I was thinking about the time I spent floating along the backwaters of Kerela, India and the time I was an artist in residence at Chalk Hill.  The residency is a short walk away from the banks of the Russian River.  I would go to the river every late afternoon to cool off after a day spent painting.