Timeless Moments in Nature…


Have you ever had a moment walking in the woods or along a path in the park where time seemed to stop and you felt serene and connected with nature, felt totally at peace? This is what inspires me to create atmospheric landscape paintings.

Spending time in nature soothes the soul and uplifts us. While basking in the wonder of nature daily is ideal, not all of us have that luxury. Creating landscape paintings that record these moments of connection are my way of bringing nature into your daily life.

Connect with the emotion of a place…

As an artist, I want to capture the essence of nature, the play of light and color as it shifts over time in a particular place revealing layers of history and emotion. My paintings are like memories relaying not what is seen but felt. They are an emotional response to the environment. Layers of color build to reveal ethereal landscapes with a centering luminescence.

Why Landscapes…

I have been fascinated with painting landscapes for over 20 years, examining the effects of light on form and how it transforms colors and places, how it leaves its mark on the landscape. I realized that light is what illuminates the essence of nature — creating different moods, transforming a scene, drawing us in, focusing our gaze, changing the temperature physically and emotionally, and capturing movement.

These magical moments are a reminder that we are wired to connect with nature. The Japanese even have a word for it, shirin-yoku, forest bathing.

These moments of connecting with nature are becoming more precious due to increased urbanization and climate change. That is why I am committed to capturing and sharing these fleeting moments in time that we all can enjoy. This is the gift I want to share with you.

Transform your world…


My paintings have a calming, meditative quality that transforms your room into a soothing oasis, a place you look forward to being. Imagine how you’d feel coming home at the end of a hectic day and sitting back enjoying a glass of wine soaking in the tranquility of your own secret garden.



Where is your happy place…

What brings you joy? Let me create the perfect painting for you. I enjoy working with you to create your own secret garden that will transform your home or office. Together we will choose a palette that sets the right mood for your sanctuary where you can leave the stress of the world behind. Commissioning a painting is easy.

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Where is this place…


People often ask me if my paintings are of specific places. Well, yes and no. I am fortunate to live in San Francisco which has many beautiful locations to explore. Because I live near the Presidio, it has become a popular subject for my work.

Ultimately, my inspiration comes from my travels both near and far. Travel has become an important component in my work as it allows me to observe and compare gradients of color, light, and atmosphere in different geographic locations–Iceland, Shanghai, Kerela (India), Finland, and Japan.

I gather ideas by taking walks and recording my observations with photographs and watercolor studies. These become the memory of place and are my inspiration. I make all of my oil paintings in the studio on canvas, paper or wood panel.

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