Stretch 2019

Jan 6, 2019 | Art Exhibition, Goals

Tranquility and Light, solo show at the Throckmorton Theatre Gallery in Mill Valley, CA

Stretch – expand – grow

Reviewing the past year and planning for the future.



My word for the year is Stretch. My intention is to extend, expand and reach out beyond my limits. This came about after spending some time thinking about my ideal day and how I see myself growing in the new year. I’ve also had “add yoga to my exercise routine” for a while now and stretch works for that too. My big goal for the year is to create and sell 100 paintings!
I decided to participate in the year of 100 rejections challenge after reading this article. Last year, I applied for 51 opportunities. I got 23 yes’s, 16 no’s and the rest I didn’t get a response. To get 100 rejections (noes), I will really have to stretch myself. I figure this gives me permission to try for those scary things that will get me out of my comfort zone. And really what have I got to lose? I have so much to gain!

Looking back to move forward

2018 definitely had its ups and downs. I had 2 solo shows scheduled. One went off without a hitch and the other was cancelled at the last minute. Tranquility and Light at the Throckmorton Gallery in Mill Valley looked great. I really enjoyed working with the curators. They really knew their stuff. Even though the second solo was cancelled, I ended up with a new series of azalea paintings that I’m proud of.  They are all available at Aerena Galleries. I participated in 9 group shows and 1 two person show. Thanks Elizabeth Ashcroft of Grey City Gallery and Jenny Wantuch for showing with me (and Jenny for creating a great post card to announce the show).

My year end productivity count:

93 paintings created, 82 paintings sold, 2 commissions completed and 2 new galleries joined!

My paintings installed at Grey City Gallery

I was juried into Volume 42 of the Studio Visit Magazine by Lisa Crossman, Curator at the Fritchburg Art Museum. The book was published in the summer of 2018. However, I didn’t receive my copy until November. You can see the current volumes online studio visit magazine

Studio Visit Magazine – Vol. 42

Stillness at Sunset, oil on wood, 10″ x 10″ sold at my Fall Open Studio.