Artist Residency at Kultuuri Kauppila Art Center – Ii, Finland

Landscape Paintings of Finland

At the beginning of March, I left San Francisco for my residency at the Kultuuri Kauppila Art Center in Finland. I arrived in the town of Ii (pronounced long E as in We) on March 2 and was immediately struck by the bright blue sky and crisp winter light reflecting off the snow.

Feeling Inspired

Feeling energized by the sights around me, I started painting right away. I was drawn to sparkling ice of the frozen river just steps away from the residency. Every morning I would take inspiration gathering walks on the path along the river, loop through streets of the neighborhood or go on the icy paths to the bridge that crossed the river to explore the island in the middle of the river. The winter shadows cast by the trees along the banks of the frozen river captivated my attention. In many of my paintings you can see the bold blue shadows stretching long on the ice.

My residency cut short

Unfortunately, my residency was cut short as the world was closing down and by March 13, I had to quickly pack up my belongings including wet paintings and make my way to Helsinki then to London and finally home to San Francisco. It was a very stressful couple of days figuring out all the travel.

Sheltering in place in my home studio

When I arrived home in San Francisco, the following day we started sheltering in place. I quickly went to my studio and grabbed supplies. I had to rearrange my home office/guest room to create a home studio. I’m lucky to have big windows for light and ventilation. Now I was able to finish my residency at home and complete my landscape paintings of Finland.